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Cheer & Spirit Products

Cheer & Spirit Products

Promote Your Company at This Season’s Sporting Events

Does your town’s school or recreational sport teams have a large banner that athletes burst through at their home games? How popular would you be if you could donate a custom banner, printed with the school name and mascot, plus your company logo? Sporting events, whether amateur or professional, occur all days of the week. Get ready to cheer on any team with customized spirit products from Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe. Bring some pom poms, rallying towels or plastic megaphones, personalized with your company logo and a local team logo to your favorite games this season. Cheer on your favorite athletes and promote your company.

Cheerleading Families

We all know families that are consumed by the cheerleading world, either the school squads or the travel groups. Parents must drive their kids all over the state for practices and competitions. Why not take this opportunity to promote your company among the variety of spectators? Contact Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe today and order some colorful “good luck” silicone bracelets stamped with your company logo. Bring them to these events and hand them out to the competitors and the audience. This simple gesture can bring smiles to the athletes and possible sales to your company. There are pom poms, beaded necklaces and many other spirit items available to brand with your logo to tap into this constant market.

Get the Little Ones Involved

As spectators, you know how bored little kids get at their older siblings’ sporting events. Instead of them running around and crawling through the bleachers, why not give them some promotional items and get them involved? Give them pom poms or a foam hand, branded with your company logo to cheer on their brother or sister. Mini vinyl footballs, frisbees or mini hockey sticks are a great way for the kids to stay occupied and feel connected to the games, as long as these objects do not make it onto the playing fields.

 Weekend or Weekday Warriors

No matter what event you attend, chances are your seat is not that comfortable. Simple or deluxe stadium seats embossed with your company logo can be comfortable and attract attention. At those night games, think about customized foam cheer sticks or color-coordinated beaded necklaces, both with LED lights, so your kids can easily find you in the crowd. The kids will probably end up confiscating them after the game, but once again, your audience will expand.

Also, check out our customized products page for a variety of items to maximize your brand.


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