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Computer Products

Get Plugged-In with Custom USB Drives


Make Lasting Brand Impressions


The simplicity of an ordinary USB drive is not the same as a custom USB drive. Custom USB drives can make your brand stand out. Adding custom logos to your drive when you give them to your customers makes long-lasting impressions and keeps your brand in the forefront of their memory. Really impress your customers with laser-engraved brand messaging, branded colors and contact information or tag lines.


Create Custom Style for Lasting Impressions

A USB drive can be customized to any style you like from metal, wood, leather, plastic or custom shapes, all fit to your preference, affordable for your budget and designed to meet the deadline for your next event. Make your brand stand out and send the right message to your customers.


Personalized Gifting for Friends and Family

Custom USB drives make the perfect gift. You can customize the USB drive to your friend or family members style. If they love dolphins you can create a drive in the shape of a dolphin or if they have a favorite music group, you can customize a guitar with a group name. There are so many options to choose from that make a custom USB drive the perfect gift for not only businesses but also for friends and family.


Budget Friendly Promotional Items

Most people think that a technological promotional product is expensive and reaches beyond a small business budget can afford. However, custom USB drives come in different storage quantities and can be ordered in larger quantities which can make it affordable for most budgets.


Why Custom USB drives?

They are a great way to present a lot of information about your business to your clients while giving them something they can reuse. If the USB drive is then given away again to another client, your brand name is also passed on to a potential new client, which expands your brand awareness. One simple gesture can increase your customer base.


Expect Excellent Quality and Express Service


At Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe, you can expect the best quality at an affordable price. We provide excellent service to meet every deadline. You choose the style and let us do the work. Let us help you keep your clients and friends happy with the perfect technology promotional item that is stylish and suitable for most situations.


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