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Wellness & Safety

Wellness & Safety

Protecting your staff and employees with branded safety equipment shows you are looking out for their health and well-being.

Suit up your marathon runners, biking enthusiasts and construction workers with customized accessories and protective headgear that reflect your proactive safety stance. Get company fitness programs off on the right foot with logo fitness towels and accessories.

Take a stand against damaging environmental factors and bacteria that can compromise your employees’ and customers’ health. Logo-bearing health and wellness promotional products increase morale and thus, productivity. Promotional seasonal giveaways, such as sunscreen and lip balm boost brand awareness all year long.

Logo imprinted first aid kits, awareness bracelets and so many other promotional wellness items provide an affordable, proactive way to strengthen your fitness forward brand identity. EmbroidMe® offers a wide array of safety and wellness products to your employees and target audience.

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